Sneak peek #6

Chapter 5: Genuine Filter Coffee

The conversation went something like that. All excitement and general merriment. I took my second toke on the joint and handed it on to Pash, next in line to my left at the end of the table.

“I might laugh after I’ve had this,” Pash told me.

“Well who cares,” Zoom said, “We’re all friends here. Even if you won’t pash me.”

“Yuk!” Pash said, mirthful but unwavering. “It’s your moustache!”

“You’re worried it will get tangled with yours.”

“I don’t have a moustache!”

“All dark-haired women have moustaches,” Zoom said. “It’s a scientific fact. You’d know,” he told Bob. “Tell us it’s not true.”

“Well, technically speaking, all Caucasian women have moustaches,” said Bob. “It’s a defect of the race ...”

“I am not defective!” Pash retorted.

“No, normal,” said Zoom. “Moustache.”

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