Sneak peek #2

Chapter 1: Unempayment

I took the vacant chair next to Bob and accepted the bag. It was obvious what had got Bob so excited. The bag was full of big cannabis heads, spiky bushes shaped like short, fat, cigars. Some were tinted a poisonous purple. How did they smell? Perhaps expecting the hay-like, sour flavour of dried grass to dominate, I met instead the sweet reek of hashish.

“Smells pretty good!”

“Just look at them!” Bob exhorted me.

Roland and Steve had shared liberally in recent weeks a big haul from our source for this bag, a woman named Jodi who shared a house with Bob’s sister. We had appreciated its components as potent, but this batch looked venomous.

“Well,” Roland said, having resumed his place to my right. “Will we have a bong?”

Bob, looking alarmed, declared: “We need to weigh it!”

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